Bathroom Vanities

C-9D, Wood custom made bathroom vanity, shown in knotty pine with distress-wirebrush surface and medium toned wax. This one was in a 48"Lx24"Dx36"H, we can custom built any dimension and finish.

WF1-VAN01, wood bathroom vanity 36x24x36H, for drop in sink. (Finish shown: distressed mix wax)

WF1-VAN02, Wood bathroom vanity, 32x24x36H, for drop in sink (finish shown:distressed mix wax)

WF1-VAN03, Wood knotty pine vanity for sink. 36Wx22Dx36H distressed medium wax. can be custom made to any size and finish. Call for quote.

WF3-VAN03, Wood bathroom vanity French, 37 "Lx22"Dx32"H, for vessel sink. (Finish shown:smooth light wax)

WF3-VAN04, Wood bathroom vanity, 24x24x36"H. For drop in sink (finish shown: smooth light wax)

WF5-BAT01, Wood over the toilet-space saver. 24"Lx10"Dx74"H

WF5-BAT01G, Wood over the toilet-space saver, in a green antique finish. 24"Lx10"Dx75"H

WF5-VAN02 Wood Vanity in knotty Pine, Size 24"Lx22"Dx36"H

WF5-VAN03 Wood Vanity 30"W x 21"D x 36"H

WF5-VAN9 Wood Vanity Henriette style 48"Lx24"Dx34"H

WF8-5D, Wood knotty Pine with expresso stain and satin sealer. 34"Lx24"Dx36H Note: can be custom built to any size and finish.

WF8-VAN01, Wood vanity ranchero, available in 30"L or 36"L x 20"Dx34"H

WF8-VAN02, Wood knotty pine bathroom vanity. 48"Lx20"Dx34"H

WF8-VAN03, Wood bathroom vanity with copper top and sink. 36"Lx22"Dx36"H. Call for price.

WF8-VAN04, Wood vanity San Pedro with top drawers and sun tiles. Distressed wood, expresso stain. Size: 51"Lx24"Dx37"H-sides.


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