Buffets and Cupboards

WF1-C150, Wood Buffet Aurora, 70"Lx20"Dx33"H

WF1-C151, Wood Buffet New Mexico, 70"Lx20"Dx33"H

WF1-C195, Wood Buffet Santa Maria, with glass drw spacer. 63"Lx18"Dx32"H

WF1-C200, Wood cabinet San Jose, 37"Lx16"Dx30"H

WF1-C213, Wood Cabinet Dolores, 49"Lx17"Dx32"H

WF1-C215, Wood buffet San Jacinto, 57"Lx19"x31"H

WF1-M418, Wood cabinet Toallero with glass doors, 25 3/4"Lx15 3/4"Dx36"H

WF1-T100, Wood Cabinet and hutch San Jose, 38 1/4"Lx15 1/4"Dx79 1/2"H

WF1-V110, Wood Buffet and Hutch Sevilla-with tile top. 41Lx23Dx75"H

WF1-V120, Wood Buffet/Hutch San Jacinto. 57"Lx20"Dx77"H

WF1-V130, Wood Buffet/Hutch, Santa Ileana, 55Lx20"Dx79"H

WF1-V135, Wood Buffet/Hutch Antigua. 52x26x73H

WF10-COM001, Wood Credenza Celina, 82"Lx21"Dx32"H

WF10-COM020, Wood Buffet Pera, 79"Lx21"Dx32"H

WF10-COM023, Wood Cabinet Europea, 47"Lx21"Dx32"H

WF10-COM028, Wood Buffet Mercedes, 78"Lx21"Dx35"H


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