Console Tables

WF1-M110, Wood Console San Jose with 3 drws. 56"Lx19"Dx30"H, can be custom built to any dimension or color.

WF1-M111, Wood Console 2 drw large. 64"Lx28"Dx38"H

WF1-M112, Wood Console Torneada, Spindle leg. 52"Lx19"Dx30"H

WF1-M210, Wood Console Dos Cajones, 39"Lx16"Dx36"H

WF1-M211, Wood Console San Gabriel, 63"Lx15"Dx31"H

WF1-M212, Wood Console Round leg with tiles. 48"Lx18"Dx34"H

WF1-M214, Wood Console Half Moon with iron legs. 38.5"Lx19"Dx30"H

WF1-M215, Wood Console Julieta, 59"Lx18"Dx32"H

WF1-M217, Wood Console Andrea, 53"Lx14"Dx36"H

WF1-M219, Wood Console Cajones 6. 48"Lx16"Dx30"H

WF1-M220, Wood Console Virginia. 49"Lx21"Dx30"H

WF10-CON003, Wood Console Ale long. 55"Lx14"Dx32"H

WF10-CON011, Wood Console Alis de Puerta, 55"Lx16"Dx32"H

WF10-CON012, Wood Console Alis Tallada, Carving on top. 55"Lx16"Dx32"H

WF10-CON015, Wood Console Celina. 58"Lx19"Dx32"H

WF10-CON016, Wood Console Karla, 47"Lx16"Dx31.5"H


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