Corner Units

WF10-ESQ004, Wood Corner unit 12 glass, 41"W front x 22"D x 83"H

WF10-ESQ02, Wood Corner unit abombado. Size: 24x34"W front x 31"H

WF3-ESQ01, Wood Corner unit arched top, 30"Wx 24"Dx24"Dx75"H

WF5-ESQ04, Wood Corner unit 4 doors and two shelves. Size: 39Wx28Dx72H

WF7-ESQ01-S, Wood carved corner unit with sunflowers. Fixed shelves and 1 door on bottom. Size: 32"Wide front x 24"Deep sides x 76"H

WF7-ESQ01A, Wood carved corner unit with Callalilies carving. 1 door on bottom and fixed shelves. Size: 32"wide front x 24"depth x 76"H

WF8-ESQ002, Wood Corner Unit 22"D x 37"Wide front x 80"H.

WF8-ESQ01, Wood corner unit shelves with 1 door. 20"deep x 76"H

WF8-ESQ03, Wood Corner unit narrow. Size: 27"Wide front x 17"Deep corner x 72"High


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