WF1-C152, Wood Dresser Tall 6 drw. 28"Lx20"Dx43"H

WF1-C209, Wood Dresser tall 5 drw. 31"Lx20"Dx53.5"H

WF1-C210, Wood Dresser 6 drw. 50"Lx18"Dx33"H

WF1-C210S, Wood Dresser 6 drw, 48"Lx18"Dx33"H

WF1-C211, Wood Dresser San Andres, 35"Lx21"Dx56"H

WF1-C212, Wood Dresser 8 cajones, 59"Lx17"Dx33"H

WF1-C218, Wood Dresser San Fernando with mirror. 57"Lx23.5"Dx35.5"H plus mirror WF1-M184 40"Wx57"H

WF10-COM008, Wood Dresser Cristy, 47"Lx22"Dx35"H

WF10-COM009, Wood Dresser Antigua, 47"Lx24"Dx34"H

WF10-COM011, Wood Dresser Ximena Vertical wide, 36"x22"Dx49"H

WF10-COM012, Wood Dresser Ximena tall narrow, 26"Lx24"Dx60"H

WF10-COM014, Wood Dresser Tipo Chino, 32"Lx17"Dx36"H

WF10-COM016, Wood Dresser Provenzal, 48"Lx22"Dx33"H

WF10-COM019, Wood Dresser Celina, 43"Lx20"Dx81"H

WF10-COM044, Wood Dresser Maria-antique finish, 60"Lx24"Dx34"H, Can be custom made to any size and finish.

WF10-COM049, Wood Dresser Trenza 6 drw. 60"Lx25"Dx33"H


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